An Introduction from Chip Perry

Brian Pasch has written a powerful book that will be indispensable to every Owner, General Manager, Sales Manager, and Digital Marketing Managers at every auto dealership in the U.S. and around the world. That may sound like puffery but it’s actually true.

In contrast to most vendor sales pitches which are narrowly self-promotional, or typical dealer training programs which focus on individual pieces of the Internet puzzle, Brian’s book is the first truly holistic and well balanced treatment that I’ve seen of digital marketing in car business.

The book combines two very important qualities in one place: it provides both a high level strategic view of digital marketing for auto dealers and it also includes meticulously detailed and practical advice, tools, templates, and checklists that will help dealers move quickly from ideas to action.

This unique combination of soup-to-nuts comprehensiveness, depth of content and battle-tested advice makes Brian’s book a wonderful contribution to the industry and I’m sure it will help many thousands of dealers use the Internet to sell more cars!


Chip Perry, Former CEO,