Unlocking The Visibility of Google My Business Traffic and Phone Calls

By Brian Pasch
Most auto dealers know that their Google My Business (GMB) listing, formerly called Google Places, is their #1 free source of referral traffic to their website. For dealers who haven’t checked lately, take a look at the number of total views on your “Google My Business (GMB)” listing since it was created. For many readers your count will be in the hundreds of thousands.

Many auto dealers in the United States see 25-50,000 views a month on their free GMB listing. 

The total viewership numbers are shown directly on your Google+ page, as shown below for Pohanka Honda: pohanka-gplus

Google My Business (GMB) Traffic Is Normally Invisible

Despite Google My Business being the #1 free source of phone calls and referral traffic to a dealer’s website, the AMOUNT of influence and traffic generated by Google My Business is hidden from Google Analytics.

Google My Business traffic is grouped into Organic Search, and I think that’s an error by Google

Google Analytics shows six channels for website traffic, that include Organic Search, Direct, Referral, Paid Search, Social, and (Other). Even though you would think that clicks from your Google My Business listing would show up as “referral” traffic, those clicks are combined in the Organic Search traffic. When you look at the details behind “organic traffic”, the clicks or calls from Google My Business are not listed.

Yes, I know that Google My Business has a “dashboard” that shows some high level click activity but it DOES NOT show what these visitors are doing on the dealership’s website. That is very important and a missing element of most digital marketing strategies.

Until now, it has been a challenge to quantify the clicks, calls, and influence generated by an optimized Google My Business listing. Also, dealers have always wondered how their reviews impact clicks and calls, but had no way of setting up a baseline for measuring changes as reviews increased. The goods news is that dealers can now get greater insights into their Google My Business listing using ROI-BOT™.

New ROI-BOT Tracking of GMB

Dealers who are using ROI-BOT™ should contact their account managers because starting December 1st, ROI-BOT™ will be able to track click traffic generated from Google My Business and also analyze the quality of traffic generated from Google My Business.

On some dealership website platforms, ROI-BOT™ will also be able to track phone calls generated by visits to the dealership website that originated from Google My Business. gmb-roibot-traffic

On November 16th, during our training course for Digital Marketing Managers, I showed students how to track Google My Business traffic in ROI-BOT.

In this sterilized dealership example above, in just 5 DAYS, this dealership had over 379 visits from their Google My Business Page that looked at SPECIFIC inventory.  The widget above shows the number of Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) that referrals touched; GMB was the TOP source. In an average month, this dealership will likely see close to 2,000 visitors just from their Google directory listing that are looking at  in-stock VEHICLES.

What would happen to that traffic is they added another 50-100 reviews in the coming quarter?

For the first time, dealers will be able to clearly see the number of visits, SRP Views, VDP Views, and CALLS generated from visitors that clicked on their GMB listing.  This is great news. However, even greater news is that dealers will be able to see the QUALITY of traffic generated by Google My Business.

GMB Referral Traffic Analysis

New widgets in ROI-BOT™ make it easy for marketing managers to see if referral visitors are searching for vehicles and looking at specific Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP). Specifically, the new Google My Business tracking properly shows now in the Referral Campaign Performance widget in ROI-BOT™, as shown below.

For privacy, the other referral traffic to the dealer’s website in the last 5 days was masked.
Take a look at the HIGH QUALITY of traffic generated by GMB. Over 64% of the visitors did a vehicle search (SRP) and over 12% looked at a specific Vehicle Detail Page (VDP). This specific dealer was not setup with dynamic phone numbers so the number of calls generated by visitors from GMB were not tracked, but ROI-BOT™ does allow that level of detail.

Having clear visibility into the traffic generated by a Google My Business listing for auto dealerships is powerful.

Dealers must start tracking website referrals to see if the visitors are searching for in-stock vehicles. 

The team at PCG Consulting has started case studies that will correlate the number of reviews and review scores to the number of clicks and calls generated by GMB. This is especially crucial in highly competitive areas where multiple franchise dealers show in local search results.

Why This Matters

In competitive metro markets, multiple franchise dealers will show in an organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as shown below for the common phrase “Honda Dealers”: honda-dealers-search

If I were competing with Planet Honda, with 768 reviews and a 4.6 score, I would want to track the increase in calls and clicks on my Google My Business listing as my dealership added more reviews. I would like to know if my Online Reputation Management investments were generated MORE HIGH QUALITY traffic to my website.

Are You Using ROI-BOT To Manage All Your Marketing Data?

Now, ROI-BOT™ can deliver the true visibility and influence on leads and calls generated by Google My Business to car dealers.

Of course the software dashboard delivers many more insights, all with a single login.

Request a demo of the software by visiting: http://www.roi-bot.com



Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Consulting

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