Is Your Automotive SEM Company Stupid?


I just finished a three day class course for Automotive Digital Marketing Managers and it was a blast. One of the topics of course was Automotive Search Engine Marketing (SEM). After today’s class, one of the students asked if it was normal that 40%+ of the calls from their Google AdWords campaigns, designed to SELL CARS, were generating service calls.

This is very normal. Altought some campaigns are well optimizied, many automotive SEM campaigns operating in the United States for franchise car dealers can be sloppy. Many Automotive AdWords agencies are not using negative keywords, as seen in the example above.

In this specific example, a consumer is searching for Honda Civic tires and the agency is showing ads for Honda Civic vehicles for sale at Honda Universe.

Maybe their AdWords agency is operating in an alternative universe where people searching for tires buy cars!

Some agencies are also not considering the option of creating a secondary website for service that can have its own Google AdWords campaign to direct high quality service queries. Dealers need to have a strong online marketing strategy for after SERVICE but they will not achieve success if they allow sloppy AdWords campaigns for SALES.

Here is a simple reminder: INSPECT what your AdWords agency is doing for your advertising budget! If you don’t know how to inspect your online marketing investments, consider purchasing ROI-BOT™ software or a copy of Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing because if you delay inspection/education it will cost you thousands of dollars per month!

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