Measuring The Success of “Keys In A Box” Video by Oak Lawn Toyota

oaklawn toyota keys in a box video


First of all, I would like to congratulate the musicians, actors, and producers who created the video “Keys in a Box,” which is a parody of the Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit entitled “The Lonely Island’s “$@%& in a Box.  If you have not had the opportunity to watch Oaklawn Toyota’s video “Keys in a Box“, take a minute to do that now.

It is refreshing to see a dealer think “out of the box” and allow his team to create a fun video that has obviously struck a chord with the online community. The video was recently a featured story on the AdWeek website and the views have just started to accelerate. On November 18th,  just 8 days after launching, the video has close to 40,000 views.

Measuring Brand Impact

Oaklawn Toyota isn’t the first dealer to create a viral video on YouTube, but this video has a very catchy tune. If you are a SNL fan it is hard not to fall in love with it, however, I must admit I had to watch the original SNL skit first to fully appreciate their work.

Obviously it was fun making this video and the video could easily exceed a million views over time, but was it successful in helping the auto dealer’s online brand?

Personally, the song in the video has been stuck in my head for the last 5 days. I will now think of Oaklawn Toyota when I’m looking for a name of a Toyota dealer to use in video examples when I teach automotive digital marketing classes. But to track the online influence of this video on their website traffic, the dealer needs to change some things on their YouTube video.

Tagging Traffic From YouTube

YouTube allows video owners to describe the contents of the video and also provide a link to a website for further information. Oaklawn Toyota provided a “naked” link back to their website, and they directed the traffic to the home page, as shown below underlined in red:


6 Things To Improve This Campaign

1. I would change the link in the YouTube comments box to the landing page that they have on their website which is called ““.

2. I would use the Google URL builder to create a unique tracking tag on all clicks to this page from YouTube.  I would use the following names in the form fields:

  • Campaign Source: YouTube
  • Campaign Medium: Video
  • Campaign Name: KeysInABoxVideo

and this would create a special URL. I would then shorten the Google URL using like this:

3. I would change the design of the current landing page to include buttons/links to the current specials that will allow local auto shoppers to get their own “Keys in a Box.” The folks at Dynamic Beacon could do an amazing job on creating a landing page that WOWs visitors.

4. I would add a tracking phone number to the YouTube video comments with a call to action that included, “Call our special sales line to lock in deals on new and used Toyota vehicles so that you can have your own “Keys in a Box” today!

5. I would make sure visitors to that landing page are tagged for Google retargeting banners. I would then follow visitors for the next six weeks with themed banners. If a consumer clicks on the banner, bring them to another creative landing page that reinforces the “Keys in a Box” message. Make sure that the retargeting banners are also tagged with Google UTM codes so you can track how many people came back from retargeting.

6. I would create a 15 second video pre-roll message with the same actors in costume. I would use this video in a pre-roll campaign that retargets consumers who visited the special landing page.  This will allow Oaklawn Toyota to reinforce the power of the video with these memorable characters. The script could say:

“Did you get that “very special someone” keys in a box? With the holidays approaching, why not surprise the one you love with a gift wrapped box from Oak Lawn Toyota. We have a special promotion just for you…. so click on this video to unlock your deal.”

keys in the box parody video

Proper Tracking In Google Analytics

By adding the UTM code to the URL and shortening the link, any clicks from YouTube will now be properly classified in Google Analytics with the name of this project. This will allow the marketing director to see if the people who clicked the link on the YouTube video were local car shoppers. The marketing manager can also see if the consumers clicked on any of the specials and started viewing vehicle Search Result Pages (SRP) or Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP).

The suggestion to change the landing page to a more shopper focus is based on the fact that the video is linked on the home page of the website. There should be a page about how the video was made and to give the back story to the project. However, that can be a separate page on the dealer’s website that is linked from the revised landing page.

Multi Channel Sales Funnels

This is an excellent opportunity to see if this video is driving shopper traffic to the dealership’s website. Also, if the dealership has setup Multi-Channel Sales Funnels, they will be also able to measure any conversions that occur from consumers who first visited via YouTube, who came back a second or third time and eventually purchased a car.

Congratulations once again to the Oaklawn Toyota team and I would love to see the analytics for this video over time, once the proper tracking is setup. Dealers who would like to implement the best online marketing strategies, including Video SEO, should order a copy of “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing” which is available on this website.

What are your thoughts about this creative video? Share your feedback below.



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